About Us


As an adult with ADHD, Amber bounces around between crafts and projects on various machines. She has learned to craft just about everything. Using her artistic design skills, she decided to build a business focused on contributing to the creative work of others. She decided to start sharing her digital work under her brand, "Blush Buffalo". She also has a mild (insert sarcasm here) obsession with plants which she includes in her illustrations for her brand "Plantcessories."

She is proud to be a successful creative entrepreneur using her artistic skills to create high-quality plant-themed products, printable designs, and digital downloads.

Her number one hobby is spending time with her family, including her three children ranging from their early twenties to one precocious toddler, Lula. When she
isn't designing or enjoying family time; she enjoys several other creative hobbies, including the piano, crochet, illustration, laser cutting crafts, painting, and much more.